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Hey, what's up with you? πŸ€”

🏫 I'm a third-year undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science. I'm interested in Systems, Web Back-End, Machine Learning, and Security. I signed with Amazon in for 2018. 🌀️ In the past, I worked at Telestream.

From time to time, I go on Youtube to listen to music 🎢, cook something deLiteful 🍳, go out in the scenery πŸ“Έ, and hang out with my friends πŸ’“.

🌠 My end goal in life after graduation is to work as a Back-End Developer. Check out my projects here!


Coming soon...


Aspiring Software Engineer


Web and Mobile Development πŸ’»

Shoot me an email πŸ“§ at 🐻
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